Nothing behind glass — IP cameras allow visitors to view history up close and personal

Experiencing technology at PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck, Germany with help from Axis cameras

“Our task was to refine the video-audio solution designed by PS.SPEICHER and the KBI engineering firm, integrate it into the design of the exhibition, and overall to come up with an application that works reliably and is easy to operate. For this, we combine network cameras from Axis with video analysis software from Aimetis, along with the specially developed audio modules.” Hans-Wilhelm Balssen, SPIE Fleischhauer GmbH.


On six floors, in eight halls, the former granary in Einbeck contains a number of exhibits on the history of motorized transportation. The exhibit’s core objective is to make technology understandable and to let people experience it barrier-free. For this reason, the exhibits are neither behind glass nor velvet ropes, but are in the middle of the exhibition space and freely accessible to visitors. Despite this openness, the exhibits’ security must be assured without deploying a large number of security personnel.


To monitor the exhibits, reliable technology had to be found — one that was unobtrusive and that went well with the building’s historic architecture and the exhibit design. To meet this challenge, Aimetis GmbH used a network camera with specially configured video analysis. A security camera is located with it, and a speaker in a specially designed housing.


The combination of video, audio and software was specially developed for PS.SPEICHER. Video analysis allows the exhibits’ contours to be monitored. What is special is that visitors can approach within a few centimeters of the pieces exhibited. If they pass this security perimeter, an audio file plays. This varies with the historical era shown in each space — it could be a horn or bell signal. In a charming but effective way, this lets visitors know that they have come too close to an exhibit.

Interested in getting more information about the security solution installed in PS.SPEICHER? Watch our video! (in German)

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Interested in getting more information about the security solution installed in PS.SPEICHER? Watch o
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