Axis 2017 sustainability report

Sustainable growth and continuous development: the year in brief

Axis 2017 Sustainability report highlights the company’s leadership in driving a positive environmental impact and acting in a socially responsible and ethical way. Our work in these areas not only relates to our own business and employees, but includes our suppliers, distributors, and partners, ensuring the highest levels of sustainability across our entire value chain.
This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. The sustainability report also constitutes the company’s Communication on Progress report to UN Global Compact. Axis has produced sustainability reports according to GRI’s (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines since 2010.

Product life cycle analysis to assess environmental impact

In 2017, Axis performed life cycle analysis on various products in order to see where the greatest environmental impact lies in the products’ life cycle. Measures to reduce the environmental impact include using recycled material, reducing the number of product parts, choosing low-weight components, minimizing material waste, and optimizing packaging. Axis also aims to reduce environmental impact by improving energy consumption efficiency in own operations and in the company’s products, streamlining logistics flows, and as far as possible choosing environmentally friendly transport.

93% of sales were PVC-free network camera and encoder

A specific focus during 2017 was reducing the amount of PVC in Axis products, and ensuring that as much material as possible in each product is recyclable. During the year, several new PVC-free cameras were developed, and 93 percent of network camera and encoder sales were PVC-free. Axis continues to develop cameras using recycled plastics, and a number of new models were released where 70 percent of the plastic is recycled.

Ensuring good business conduct throughout the entire value chain

The growth of Axis has been built on its close and long-term relationships with its partners. The value chain extends from suppliers of components, contract manufacturers, through distributors and partners, to end users of the company’s products.

Axis is actively engaged in all parts of the value chain. Even though the legal responsibility for the Axis sustainability work only covers the company’s own operations, Axis strives to ensure that suppliers, distributors and partners shall take an environmental, economic and social responsibility, including good business ethics.

New goals for Supplier Audits

Axis informs and regularly audits suppliers and trains and informs its distributors and partners. This ensures that sourcing and development, manufacturing, sales, distribution and use of the company’s products occur in as responsible a way as possible.

In 2017, Axis established new goals for Supplier Audits, in addition to updating its Supplier Code of Conduct – which all suppliers have to sign. One of the goals for 2017 was that at least 95 % of new suppliers should be screened in respect of the environment, working conditions and human rights. During the year, all new suppliers were screened in respect of these criteria.  By updating the Supplier Code of Conduct, Axis also tightened the requirements for control of overtime. Extensive overtime is a commonly occurring problem among suppliers, particularly in Asia. Axis’ goal is to take care of employees’ health and safety, and imposes stricter demands in some countries than required by law.

Social responsibility at the heart of our business

As a leader in network video with employees in more than 50 countries, the products and solutions Axis creates have a great impact on many people’s lives. Axis invests in social initiatives that positively impact both the company’s own operations and the markets and communities in which the company is present.

Committed, well-qualified, happy employees are the foundations to the growth and on-going success of Axis. The company takes responsibility for creating a working environment that is safe and attractive, and works actively to promote increased diversity and equality giving employees opportunities to develop irrespective of gender, race, or background.

New initiatives for quality and diversity

During 2017, several initiatives were implemented in order to promote greater equality and diversity. This included participation in Commitment Skåne and Talent without borders, which work to integrate new arrivals into the community, and participation in Pink Programming, which aims to train women in coding. Axis has also initiated collaboration with the diversity network MINE (Mentorship, Inspiration, Networking and Education), south Sweden’s largest network of companies and public organizations that promotes increased diversity and inclusion in working life.

Sustanability report 2017

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