Axis Warranty

Peace of mind

  • Secure and trouble-free ownership
  • Better control of total costs
  • Excellent warranty service

Exceptional global service

Axis offers the market’s broadest product portfolio of network cameras, video encoders, physical access control, software and accessories. Axis is committed to providing high quality products, trouble-free ownership and better control of total costs by offering exceptional global service covering questions and trouble-shooting concerning both the installation and use of the products.

Limited hardware warranty

Axis provides a 3 year limited hardware warranty as a standard*. The Warranty includes defects in design, workmanship and material under normal use for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. Defective products under the warranty period will either be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer.

General policy guidelines for Discontinued Products

Axis offers global support and RMA service for Discontinued Products until 5 years after the Final Order Date. After this time the product is referred to as End of Support and Axis will only offer online support and no longer provide support through Helpdesk, Chat or phone. Full information can be found on General policy guidelines for Discontinued Products.

Warranty for repainting products

Before repainting an Axis camera, one questions you need to ask is, "Does this void the warranty by default”? The answer to this question is both yes and no!

Repainting an Axis camera often means disassembling; painting; and reassembling the unit. Depending on the model, this could be a delicate task and needs to be done in a professional way.

Warranty document, in full, for painting rules. However, please contact your Axis sales representative or Axis technical services for more information about repainting to ensure you do not void your warranty.

* Some exceptions may apply. Products subject to warranty update, please see Product Warranty update 2016

Extend your peace of mind

AXIS Extended Warranty is a service offering available for network video products.