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10.11.72 - AXIS OS
Third party software licenses Integrity checksum /ftp/pub/axis/software/MPQT/Axis_body_worn_system/10_11_72/Axis_body_worn_system_10_11_72.bin - Integrity checksum: dc0b30fde1f386ef8a68daf70935a2b3f9d179e5b5bb3f2b72ad8721f7a63d92 Older firmware

Usually, you can choose between two tracks: active and long-term support (LTS). In the active track, we continue to add features in addition to improving on cybersecurity and stability. In the LTS track, we don’t add any features. The focus is to improve on cybersecurity and stability. If it has the features you need, we recommend that you choose the LTS track.

For information on new and upcoming firmware releases, visit the AXIS OS portal.