A thousand beds, only one concern

BP - Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo looked to IP video surveillance as a way to improve its customer experience

“The design of our facility’s electronic security system depends on a mechanism that ensures high availability and high quality. That’s why we looked to Axis, whose high-performance systems and services were critical in our choice.” Wellington de Almeida Pimentel Junior, IT Infrastructure Manager at BP – A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo


Founded in 1859, BP - Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo is the largest private healthcare center in Latin America in terms of number of beds. Because its administrators know that the hospital is a highly critical environment where uninterrupted operation must be ensured, the institution sought to invest in a new video monitoring project that would not only enhance security but that would also be a turning point for its operation in all sectors.


The project, developed by Teleinfo, made the best use of Axis video surveillance technology to provide complete coverage of all areas of BP, including outdoor areas. In each location, the designers considered each camera’s resolution, day/night functionality, integrated IR LED, WDR forensic capture and Axis Lightfinder technology to provide ideal viewing of scenes in any possible scenario. The new system uses 119 Axis network cameras including AXIS M3025-VE, AXIS M3004-V, AXIS P1405-LE and AXIS P5515-E. The images are managed by Digifort software and use Axis Zipstream compression algorithm to reduce bandwidth.


In addition to security, the video surveillance system has enhanced BP’s excellence in customer service and other day-to-day aspects of its operations, such as internal auditing, quality control, improved queue flow in waiting rooms, and monitoring of service levels in the delivery and vehicle receiving areas. The images have even had a positive impact on medical care at the hospital, allowing support teams to act even faster in emergencies. In addition, the discreet design of the equipment allowed the technology to be rolled into the daily routines of the facility without compromising the sense of privacy for patients and their companions.

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Фиксированная купольная сетевая камера AXIS M3004-V
Сетевая камера AXIS M3025-VE Network Camera
Сетевая камера AXIS P1405-LE
Сетевая PTZ-камера AXIS P5515-E