Axis cameras supervise students’ security, and help prevent crime

VUT in Brno is protected by a certified surveillance system

“Our company had evaluated the state of the surveillance system and we had found 12 AXIS 2100 Network Cameras to be in good shape even after 11 years of continuous exploitation. Therefore we prepared a report, stating that they did not have to be replaced because they work and reliably deliver video recordings in locations where high definition details are not emphasized.” Jan Hotovec from Comimpex, system integrator and Axis partner.


The base requirement of Brno University of Technology (VUT) was analysis of the state of the surveillance system in the school building, its reconstruction and upgrade. New standards in the area of personal data protection including legislation had to be considered. The final objective of VUT was to obtain registration of the school surveillance system from the Office for Personal Data Protection.


The reconstruction process and supplementation of the surveillance system was proposed using the process analysis. New locations that had not been monitored before were proposed for the VUT premises. The original recording devices were checked and kept in the new installation. The surveillance system stresses e.g., increased supervision over stored students’ items during classes in special premises and labs.


Comimpex evaluated the state of the surveillance system and about 12 network Axis cameras were kept in the newly installed circuit. AXIS 2100 Network Cameras, have been in place and working since 2004 with 11 years of continuous operation and are still delivering video records of good quality. Outdoor cameras were added and AXIS P1354-E was chosen for this purpose, which was supplemented with external housings. The total number of cameras in a combination of old and new models is currently between 30 and 35 pieces. The surveillance system is available in online mode at the school’s reception desk. Registration of the surveillance system at the Office for Personal Data Protection allows access only to a limited number of authorized staff members. For VUT, records are handled by the campus administrator, who is able to mediate them in the required output to the respective individuals or bodies.

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Сетевая камера AXIS P1354-E