Safer bus travel with Nobina thanks to Axis network cameras

A scalable and modern camera system has generated significant savings in terms of both time and money

“Observit offers a turnkey solution that gives you complete control of the entire process, from simple installation to monitoring of the cameras in each bus and the collection of image material. The entire process is covered in a highly functional and quality manner.” Bram Lauwers, Product Manager Digital Services at Nobina.


Nobina is Sweden’s leading bus company. It develops, sells and provides contracted bus services for more than 20 of Sweden’s transportation companies. The new IP video surveillance system was to replace an existing on-board analogue system. Nobina required a high-quality turnkey security video solution which was reliable and secure and which increased safety and security for both passengers and staff. The solution needed to be future-proof, based on an open standard, highly scalable, and capable of being managed and administrated centrally.


Nobina chose Observit BOT, a video surveillance system, together with Axis network cameras. The solution had to be simple to configure and manage while also satisfying Nobina’s requirements for quality and reliability. More than 7,000 cameras were installed on 2,000 buses in total in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – primarily the AXIS M31 and AXIS P39 Network Camera Series.


Nobina was able to increase safety and security for both their bus passengers and their drivers. The system is easy to install and monitor centrally, eliminating the costly requirement for engineers to manually retrieve data from each individual unit. The new high-definition surveillance system also makes it easy for police to immediately and remotely access high-quality image material in both real time and for forensic review, enabling an effective and timely response. The image material in vehicles can be obtained in real time or downloaded via the network for further analysis.

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