Better security in healthcare facility through Axis network cameras

Interconnection of smart technologies in action: Cameras and chips ensure security and help patients

“There is added value in the integrated data from the surveillance and access control system, as opposed to the more complex assembly of information from several sources and their evaluation without context.” David Střelec from COMIMPEX spol. s r.o.


The Rehabilitation Institute Hrabyně needed to replace its original analog surveillance system, which no longer met its current requirements for a cohesive access control and surveillance system and at the same time, further connection to the hospital information system.


The access control system is connected with both the hospital information system and the surveillance system. Axis cameras are thus only connected to the access control system through the surveillance system. This ensures detailed records of passages with RFID chip bracelets and cards, which are provided to patients, personnel and visitors of the institute. The surveillance system complements this solution with the possibility of visual identification of specific individuals and preview in the case of unexpected hazardous events.


After creating a patient card in the hospital information system and registration of the assigned RFID chip, data about this new user is submitted to the access control system. Based on settings, the system detects which parts of the hospital are accessible for the patient and which parts are restricted – doors will either open or closed based on these rights. In the surveillance center it is possible to check which person is of concern and in case of need verify this through the video recording preview, which is retained for 3 days. The name of a person who has just passed through a door will be displayed in the video. The entrances to the individual departments all have an intercom system available, which is monitored by a camera. This enables the department personnel to visually inspect the person requesting entry and open the door remotely through the intercom.

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Купольная сетевая PTZ-камера AXIS P5534-E
Сетевая камера AXIS P3364-V
Сетевая камера AXIS P3364-VE