New surveillance system in Slaný city reduces crime rate and increases number of solved criminal acts

Network camera surveillance systems are becoming more popular

“After experience from other smaller projects, we have unambiguously chosen Axis cameras, because from our point of view they are the best.” Radovan Jirků, JAZ Kladno.


The city of Slaný has demonstrated interest in modernization of an obsolete analog surveillance system. With regard to the still functional analogue technology, in the first stage there was interest in updating the system with several Axis IP cameras with a vision for gradual complete digitalization of the entire system. The objective is increased security and quality of both surveillance and recorded materials, which can prove criminal acts and reduce the crime rate.


In the year 2006, a decision was made to innovate an analog surveillance system that had been in operation in Slaný since 1999. Financial resources from funding were used, which enabled building a surveillance site and installation of the first two digital points in key areas of the city. Since then, both the analog and digital system have worked in unison. A city administration decision will see gradual digitalization take place as the analog system ceases to work.


The city of Slaný’s surveillance system is quite complex due to the parallel operation of both analog and digital technology. Thus far there are a total of 10 IP cameras from the AXIS Q17 and AXIS Q60 Network Camera Series. The analog cameras that are still in use will gradually be replaced by Axis network cameras. A surveillance system is currently being prepared for monitoring sports facilities, which will include the use of AXIS Q6000-E Network Cameras for the overall view of the athletic stadium, aqua park, ice stadium and football stadium. AXIS Q6045-E Network Cameras will be used for detailed focusing in these locations. An AXIS M7016 Video Encoder, which enables the conversion of existing analog camera signals to a digital format, is also part of the surveillance system.

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