Slow TV show hits it big in Bohemia

Live TV broadcasting online with Axis network cameras is a success in Czech Republic

“Thanks to viable cooperation of Axis with its partner NetRex, the extraordinary employment of NetRex engineers and a good combination of quality hardware and software, we were able to introduce a television broadcast that was not present in the Czech Republic before now – and the success of Slow TV proves that similar IP video-based projects have a future.” Ivan Sobička, general editor of the Slow TV project at TAKTIQ Communications.


TAKTIQ Communications decided to launch a so-called slow TV on-line broadcasting in Czech Republic, which consists of long-playing live broadcasts from interesting places. The Slow TV project had attractive locations prepared and arranged in cooperation with MAFRA media house; however, the key to success was provision of reliable and affordable video streaming and a reasonable selection of quality cameras with various parameters. Contrary to a pure security installation, Slow TV always requires the best available image quality and live transmission with minimum outages, as the videos are being watched by many people.


Slow TV broadcasting is technologically provided by NetRex experts. The common denominator of the installation is the usage of Axis network cameras and CamStreamer software (included in the offering of ACAP applications from Axis). Slow TV channel runs under the heading of MAFRA’s Internet television, which uses its own player for distribution. The Axis camera in the “Slow TV” installation broadcasts stream over the CamStreamer application directly to servers. At the same time, the camera is logged in a cloud video platform NetRex that enables online camera setting adjustments, functionality check and downloading records from the edge storage (SD card). Connectivity is mostly provided by local providers or a specially modified router with an O2 4G LTE card.


The viewer success of the project has surpassed expectations. Despite complications connected with pioneering an enterprise in the field of Czech Internet, an average rating of 800,000 views per month was achieved, and in October 2015 the total number of views surpassed 3 million. In the 15 implemented installations to date, the quality of the Axis cameras was proven to be fully sufficient for TV broadcasting, as was the implementation of the CamStreamer application.

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