Modern technology takes elite athletes over the finish line

Track and field athletes train more effectively with the help of intelligent camera systems from Axis Communications and Spiideo

“We track and field athletes use the Spiideo system regularly. It’s simple and flexible, and gives me exactly the kind of feedback I need after a high jump, for example. The images from the camera are also really good. I see only benefits to using Spiideo. It helps us athletes get better and better.” Track and field star Linus Thörnblad.


Many athletes need to be able to analyze their movements in order to identify where their training should be focused to achieve their dream results. This can be done with a regular handheld camera, but this method has a number of limitations. Spiideo, an Axis partner, has developed a solution that makes it possible for athletes and their coaches to record movements in real time, and then immediately view and analyze the sequences on a mobile device, without having to worry about handling the camera, starting the recording, or inserting and removing a memory card.


The solution consists of AXIS V59 PTZ Network Cameras, which have a smooth and flexible PTZ function, and the intelligent Spiideo app, which is integrated in the camera via the ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform) interface. The user downloads the Spiideo app to their iPad or iPhone via the App Store. The intelligent AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera will then start recording when the athlete crosses a predefined line. This means that you can record the sequence of the training that you want to analyze without having to deal with unwanted footage in the recording. The video is stored on the mobile device, where you can then study it at normal speed or in slow motion.


The solution is easy to install and simple to use. The image quality is high definition and additional imaging can even be applied to enhance the analytical value of the footage. At present, systems are up and running in Gothenburg and Lund. Famous track and field stars and coaches, like Linus Thörnblad (who brought home medals for the high jump in several major championships), are currently using the system with great success.

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