Axis cameras provide a sense of security for Sporthuis Pim Doesburg

Good overview of shop activities and customer behavior through remote monitoring and analytic functionalities

“We always try to find the right balance between deploying the best technological solutions and the budget that is at our disposal. The combination of what Een Veilig Gevoel and Axis offers now provides us with valuable support for the security and management of our stores, while presenting ample flexibility to grow in the future.” Danny Doesburg, Managing Director of Sporthuis Pim Doesburg.


Sporthuis Pim Doesburg wanted to be able to monitor the activities of nine stores and remotely manage security from a central location.


The ‘Security Subscription’ from Axis partner ‘Een Veilig Gevoel’, a Dutch company whose name translates as ‘a sense of safety’, provides Pim Doesburg a comprehensive combination of services that includes camera surveillance complete with maintenance, video storage in the cloud and alarm services. Shops are tailor-fitted with Axis network cameras and all the images can be accessed from a PC, smartphone or tablet. The total package of products and services is available at a fixed price per month, without any prior investments.


The Pim Doesburg shops are guaranteed to have high-quality cameras, support and alarm services at their disposal, at a fixed price per month, thus guaranteeing the security of shops and employees. Management always has access to the video images and, as an added bonus, benefits from the extra functionality provided by the cameras. This includes people counting and route analysis, providing access to valuable information that could lead to extra revenue. And as the company continues to grow, it is also possible to provide each new store with its own high-quality cameras, without any prior investments.

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