Optimizing port security in Shenzhen

Yantian International Container Terminals ensures security with Axis network video products

“Images captured by Axis cameras are clear and smooth, and the lowlight performance is distinctive. The monitoring scenes are quite clear without fill-in light at night, while the code stream is low, indirectly saving us some investment. Moreover, the pre-sale and after-sale services of Axis are efficient and professional. The cooperation with Shenzhen Jiana Communications Co., Ltd is pleasant and successful.” Chen Junlong, Project Manager, Yantian International Container Terminals.


Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) in Shenzen, China, is a natural deep-water port and the leading gateway serving import and export container traffic generated by its immediate cargo hinterlands. To cope with market requirements and the development of the industry, YICT utilizes leading-edge security equipment to ensure a safe gateway for shipping lines and shippers. In their drive for excellence, they were looking for a complete security system to be secure, advanced, reliable, practical and convenient.


YICT opted for a reliable Axis network camera system and Milestone XProtect® video management software for monitoring and managing the complete security system. The IP cameras effectively monitor, display and record human and vehicle activities in public areas in front of terminals and surrounding roads. The cameras provide visual information of sites and record events, help identify public security accidents and ensure security, and provide factual basis and reference for handling events for security and management personnel.


The video monitoring system provides a complete integrated management interface to ensure the network security and bandwidth of the network digital monitoring system, and provide the user with highquality images and smooth platform. By that, the security team can control, configure and diagnose the system at any location of the security network.

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