Facial recognition improves casino security

A facial recognition system running on Axis cameras supports the work of physiognomists with gaming monitoring at Casino Gran Madrid-Colón

“For many years we’ve wanted to implement a solution that would allow us to reduce the time it takes to identify someone in a casino. Thanks to advanced IP video technology augmented with facial recognition systems based on video analysis, this has now become a reality.” Ángel Pérez Alcarria, Director of Security, Gran Madrid Group.


The work of physiognomists is critical to providing proper monitoring of casino gaming and, by extension, to overall casino security. Each day, it is necessary to identify, on average, somewhere between 5 and 25 individuals for any number of reasons. Reducing turnaround time for personal identification in the casino has been a frequent request of the security personnel and managers of such businesses for a number of years. Today, this demand can now be met – as a result of the use of facial recognition systems incorporating video analysis.


Traditionally, to establish concrete identification in a casino took considerable time while control center operators reviewed hours of recorded video. Based on the input of Sensorvideo, an Axis partner and company known for its experience in the casino industry, a facial recognition system by Herta Security was recommended that would make it possible to reduce the time normally required for this complex task.


Currently the reliability rate of facial recognition systems based on video analysis is higher than 95%. As a result of the implementation of a system of this type, used to support the work of physiognomists, the amount of time it takes to identify someone in a casino has been reduced to less than half, even at short notice and on days of peak attendance.

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