E.Leclerc in Fosses switches to IP with Axis

E.Leclerc shopping center in Fosses chooses Axis Communications cameras

“Playback to get a license plate used to take 2 hours with the old system. So we urgently needed to update the system in order to ensure optimum store surveillance. Cisdec and Axis Communications successfully addressed this need by providing a quality video feed and the ability to connect to the network remotely using various mobile or fixed terminals.” Joël Grisey, Maintenance Supervisor of E.LECLERC, Fosses.


With a 7,300m² sales area and 250 employees, the E.Leclerc shopping center in Fosses, on the outskirts of Paris, installed its first video surveillance system in 1998. Quality was so poor however, that eventually the images were no longer able to meet police requirements for effective use.


It was then that Maintenance Supervisor Joël Grisey’s attention was drawn to Axis Communications’ IP cameras, which were recommended by the experts at Cisdec, the only systems integrator to propose an open system that was accessible on all mobile devices and which used the Axis cameras specifically called for in the specifications.


More than fifty cameras were installed inside and outside the building in such a way that they blend in discreetly, and customers haven’t noticed them. A move towards pattern recognition technology is currently being planned.

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