Flex revolutionizes its security through innovation

Integral Axis video surveillance solution implemented by Flex allows them to optimize and improve their security scheme by 180º

“Using Axis thermal network cameras in combination with a Kaizen methodology has allowed us to optimize our operational processes with personnel reviewing at the exit points. This review prevents thefts of little or great value that, at the moment of taking an inventory, add up to a great quantity, which translates into losses. We have managed to reduce more than 10,000 man-hours in unnecessary inspections, with a saving in guard personnel of up to 100 thousand USD per year and avoid unproductive work amounting to 1 million USD per year.” Salvador Morales, Senior Director of Brand Protection & Security at Flex.


Flex is the third largest multinational technology product and equipment manufacturing company in the world. The company operates in more than 40 countries, including Mexico, with approximately 200,000 employees. Its mission is to offer innovative designs, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics services to companies of all sizes in different vertical markets. The company was looking to change their obsolete standard security revision procedures, that did not guarantee proactive alerting of inventory losses in small quantities such as non-metallic objects (fabrics, plastics) or components undetectable by metal detectors, such as needles and coils.


Flex decided to migrate to a fully scalable IP-based solution while using the existing network infrastructure, since the constant variation and change of new security projects made it difficult to relocate or add cameras. Likewise, management sought to take advantage of new technologies, such as video analytics and thermal imaging cameras, to focus on preventing the loss of different items that had to be registered to comply with Flex’s corporate responsibility requirements.


The implementation of AXIS Q2901-E Temperature Alarm Network Camera has allowed the reduction of security guards by 80%, whose function was to perform checks on workers at each exit from the facilities. The solution has also provided higher quality images, video analytics, better research results, scalability and compatibility with different platforms.

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