Presta Prenda rises to the forefront of dynamic security for lending institutions

With the evolving technologies available, Banco Azteca modernizes its branches across Mexico with network video security solutions

“Axis and Razberi products helped us in our prevention mission. Grupo Salinas is working to replicate this success case and implement it in other business units.” Raúl Salazar Gasca, Monitoring manager, Presta Prenda.


In Mexico, a big percentage of the population depends on pawnshops for guaranteed short-term loans in exchange for valuable collateral, such as electronic devices, cars, watches and jewels, among others. The customer’s benefit from these transactions is immediate receipt of their loan by transferring their objects at that time, with hope of quickly paying it back in order to get their possessions in return.


Razberi Technologies, in partnership with Virtual & Osmosys, a Mexican systems integrator company, implemented a solution focused on Axis products that spared them the high costs of having to invest in network hardware, as the implementation of centralized and strong video surveillance systems usually require.


Axis is compatible with a variety of applications, which ensure a higher functionality of its systems. As a result, the integration is reliable, beneficial and can be standardized when implementation at the group’s additional locations.

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