AXIS W800 System Controller

For cost-effective, scalable solutions

  • Discrete unit
  • Supports up to five docking stations
  • Cost-effectiveness and scalability
  • Easy camera management

AXIS W800 System Controller is a standalone unit, which makes it exceptionally easy and cost-effective to add more docking stations and cameras whenever you want.

Cost-effective and scalable

AXIS W800 System Controller makes adding new cameras and docking stations cost-effective and easy. Most system controllers for body worn systems are built into camera docking stations. This means every single docking station contains a relatively expensive and sensitive component – the system controller.  And every time you add new cameras to your system or need to replace a docking station, you’re paying for a new system controller. But AXIS W800 System Controller is different. Because it’s a standalone unit, one AXIS W800 System Controller supports up to five docking stations and 40 cameras.

A single interface. Fast offloading

AXIS W800 System Controller provides a single integration and management point for your body worn solution.  By linking multiple controllers, you can easily manage any number of cameras via one interface.  AXIS W800 System Controller supports fast, reliable video offloading (100Mbit per camera). So your cameras are ready to use again right away.

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