AXIS Panorama PTZ Network Camera

Control pan/tilt/zoom function in panorama view

  • High quality, 140-degree horizontal field of view - The cameras have embedded customized software that enables images from the two cameras to be stitched together to produce a panorama view. The cameras offer JPEG still images or motion JPEG video, with 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 resolution, and four compression levels.
  • Frame rate - Up to 15 frames per second from each camera
  • User interface: Digital pan, tilt and zoom - Zoom range from 0.24x to 4x. The Web interface enables users to control PTZ functions by clicking on a certain part of the image or by using scrollbars. Pan, tilt and preset access speed are adjustable. 16 preset positions are available for easy and quick access. Snapshot functionality enables a user to easily save a JPEG image at a click of a button.
  • Security - 1 external alarm input per camera; remote image storage via e-mail and FTP; relay output for external device control, e.g. door opener with solenoid
  • Accessibility - Built-in Web server and network interface. Dial-in and dial-out access via external modem. Wireless connectivity with the 802.11b Wireless Device Point

AXIS Panorama PTZ Network Camera offers users remote and live network access to a panorama view.

The unit, which consists of two network cameras equipped with wide-angle lenses, provides a Web interface that allows users to digitally pan, tilt or zoom in on any area of the fixed, panorama frame.

AXIS Panorama PTZ is an ideal security surveillance solution for small businesses. A shop owner or a remotely located security company can monitor an entire store and zoom in on critical areas such as the cash registers. The product is also suitable for such applications as traffic surveillance and remote diagnostics.


  • Cost-effective alternative to moveable PTZ cameras
  • Remote accessibility to live panorama images
  • Multiple users can independently view different parts of the panorama simultaneously. Even if a user has zoomed in on a particular part of the frame, the AXIS Panorama PTZ always streams images in full view. The product enables the user to go back to a recording and view the images for something that may have happened in a section of the frame that the user wasn't looking at before.
  • Entire panorama can be recorded continuously or upon alarm trigger. Regardless of pan, tilt and zoom actions by users, complete images from the two cameras can be recorded in non-panorama raw format. Such images can be used as evidence in legal proceedings since they are unchanged from their original format.

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