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  • Manage all Axis devices via AXIS Device Manager Extend
  • Control user privileges and access to the suiteapplication
  • Remote auto update of AXIS Optimizer
  • Easy enterprise system management
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Manage all your Axis devices

The AXIS Device Manager Extend integration provides an easy way to gain a complete inventory of all Axis network devices for one or multiple sites connected to Milestone XProtect. Moreover, it means administrators can sync all connected Axis devices from Milestone XProtect to AXIS Device Manager Extend. This smart tool allows admin roles to identify, list, and sort all devices on all sites, review device warranty information, perform firmware upgrades on multiple devices simultaneously, apply security policies to harden the system, and much more.

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Administrators keep full control

Security controls include all the processes and best practices an organization uses to protect and manage vulnerabilities and threats to a system and network. By using multiple security measures and controlling system access, organizations can effectively protect their assets. AXIS Optimizer makes it easy for system administrators to grant specific system users, such as operators and investigators , the required Smart Client privileges. They also have full control of the events and operations operators can perform. Plus, they can manage, customize, and set which individual controls each operator can access via the Management Client.

Remote auto update of AXIS Optimizer

You can automatically update the AXIS Optimizer application on all remote, connected Smart Client machines directly from your Management Client machine. This means admin roles can test version updates on their local machine and then centrally push out systemwide upgrades to all remote client machines. When a local operator restarts their client machines, all software is up-to-date. This is a valuable measure that enhances cybersecurity control.

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Enterprise system management made easy

All features and capabilities in the AXIS Optimizer application can be connected and distributed via Milestone Interconnect. This centralized surveillance capability provides a cost-effective way to gain central access to multiple sites spread across different geographic territories. By effectively managing multiple video surveillance installations, it’s possible to centralize situational monitoring of scenes and devices for faster incident handling.

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