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Key features

  • Trigger audio clips automatically
  • Set rules and perform automated actions
  • Ensure accurate responses to real-time events
  • Efficiently handle real-time situations
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Improved efficiency with automated responses

Responding to real-time events can be quite time-consuming as it typically requires operators to perform actions manually on individual cameras. Manual actions are prone to human error and if an operator doesn’t quickly and accurately execute an action based on an event for an individual camera, the quality of the captured video can be poor. For instance, if there’s rain on the sensor or if the IR light isn’t activated. Additionally, you can perform automation on Axis devices to optimize your responses. For instance, if there’s motion in an area, you can automatically play an audio clip and warn off intruders. 

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Savings you can expect

By executing automated actions based on triggered events, you can benefit from valuable cost-saving efficiencies:

  • Without AXIS Optimizer: increased risk of human error and delayed response time
  • With AXIS Optimizer: automatic – eliminating the need for human interaction
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Respond to real-time events

AXIS Optimizer extends the automation possibilities inside the XProtect rule engine. It opens the door for admin roles to perform automated real-time actions without human interaction. Automated actions can be performed on one or multiple Axis devices via the Smart Client. Admin roles can choose between fully automated responses, or they can enable operators to perform custom actions by clicking a button in the Smart Client. Automated actions can be triggered to:

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VAPIX-based controls

In addition, this plugin can be used with custom operator controls such as VAPIX-based controls like “start/stop IR”. This offers users a more flexible way of executing actions on Axis devices. And, thanks to metadata-rich video streams, cameras can be used as powerful real-time sensors delivering both video and valuable metadata.

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Quickly create new actions

It’s easy to create new automated actions for Axis devices. Simply create the rule, set the rule conditions, select an action to perform for a specific event, and select the devices for the action. After this, you can review the rule description, refresh the smart client, and you’re done! You can also add the event as an overlay button on a map or video view.

Note: To perform automated actions you need XProtect 2018 R1 or higher. Axis devices with radar require firmware 7.15 or higher, and Axis devices with operator controls require firmware 7.40 or higher.

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