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Key features

  • Save considerable time and effort managing devices
  • Direct access to device settings in management client
  • Control operator access to device-specific features in smart client
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Range of device management functions

Device assistant and operator controls are two key integrations that help you efficiently get the most out of your Axis devices in Milestone XProtect. They offer great time and effort savings for both admin and operator roles. And of course, the larger the system and the more devices connected to it, the more time and effort you’ll save. You’ll find some examples of total saving in the sections below.

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Easy access to device settings

Without AXIS Optimizer, admin and operator roles spend considerable time simply accessing or configuring Axis devices. For instance, they would need to use unique passwords to log into each device and change different settings or activate device-specific features. Additionally, many systems are isolated and in remote locations, so system integrators often need to travel to a site just to fix camera settings. 

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How it works?

With device assistant, admin roles can access all Axis device settings directly from the management client without the need for passwords. So they can easily configure an Axis device, install or setup analytics (such as video motion detection, loitering, privacy), copy an Axis device's IP address, and much more.

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Savings you can expect

​​​​​​​Here’s the difference when changing device settings on 1500 Axis cameras in Milestone XProtect:

  • Without AXIS Optimizer: circa 4000 min. 
  • With AXIS Optimizer: 10 min.


*Calculation based on managing 20 plugins and 1500 devices.

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Direct access to camera-specific features

Many Axis cameras have built-in camera-specific features that enable unique, full capabilities and value such as dewarping, WDR, EIS, IR, or privacy masking. Without AXIS Optimizer, operators must access each device individually to enable, adjust, and use these features. As most operators do not have rights to change device features and settings, they need support from admin roles. Again, more devices mean more time spent managing these features without AXIS Optimizer.

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How it works?

Once installed, AXIS Optimizer asks connected cameras for all their features. The camera responds with a list of preinstalled operator controls and at the same time, makes these features available directly in the smart client. Additionally, admin roles can create custom operator controls and select which controls each operator has access to via the Smart Client. 

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Savings you can expect

Without AXIS Optimizer operators cannot access Axis extended device features. Thanks to Optimizer both operators and admins can access extended device features in live view. Here you see the savings. 

  • Without AXIS Optimizer: circa 2000 min. 
  • With AXIS Optimizer: less than 10 minutes


*Calculation based on managing 20 plugins and 1500 devices.

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