AXIS Live Privacy Shield

Effective privacy protection in video surveillance

  • Safeguards privacy
  • Reliable, real-time dynamic masking at high frame rates
  • Cost-effective, high-performance edge-based solution
  • Easy to install, configure and manage
  • For indoor areas with good, stable lighting
  • Choice of color or mosaic masking


When you want video surveillance but still need to protect people’s privacy, AXIS Live Privacy Shield makes it easy. It lets you monitor activities without collecting personal data. And it’s reliable and cost-effective. The analytics software runs directly on Axis cameras – no expensive servers are needed – and it’s the only edge-based solution that dependably masks moving people and objects in real time at up to full frame rate.

Surveillance with privacy protection

AXIS Live Privacy Shield effectively addresses rules and regulations protecting privacy and personal data. It masks the identities of individuals in live and recorded video by comparing a live camera view with a set background scene and applying dynamic masking to areas of change – essentially moving people and objects. You can choose between color or mosaic (pixel) masking, and set the level of masking required. You can also decide how often the background should automatically update.

Color masking provides the greatest privacy protection while enabling you to see movements. Mosaic masking shows moving objects in very low resolution and allows you to better distinguish forms by seeing an object’s colors.



By default, AXIS Live Privacy Shield applies dynamic masking to the camera’s entire field of view. But you can easily define areas with no masking if that’s what you need – for example, if you want to view moving objects on a conveyer belt, as in the setup image at right with a defined "exclude" area.

You can also choose to configure the system to deliver a separate video stream without dynamic masking, so authorized viewers can access details for forensic purposes in case of an incident. The image, at left, illustrates AXIS Live Privacy Shield's ability to deliver simultaneous video streams with dynamic masking (A) and without (B). In the (A) video stream, an "exclude" area with no dynamic masking is applied in the cash register area.

In areas where masking is permanently required, you can use the camera's static privacy masking feature in combination with AXIS Live Privacy Shield. As in the (A) and (B) video streams in the illustration, at left, you can apply, for instance, static privacy masking over the credit card terminal.

Reliable and cost-effective

Analytics embedded in the camera or “at the edge” allows for simple and cost-effective setup.

AXIS Live Privacy Shield masks changes in real time. It can do it at up to full frame rate, depending on the camera resolution. 

It runs directly on selected Axis fixed cameras, so no expensive central-based servers are required. This also makes it easy to scale.

AXIS Live Privacy Shield provides an affordably priced solution to an issue that could potentially be very costly if it is not addressed properly.

Perfect for certain applications

AXIS Live Privacy Shield is designed for use in indoor areas with good, stable lighting. It is suitable for remote video monitoring or recording in areas where surveillance is otherwise problematic due to privacy rules and regulations. It’s ideal for processing, manufacturing and logistics applications when video surveillance is primarily used to monitor processes. Other potential applications are in retail, education and at government facilities where the environmental conditions for AXIS Live Privacy Shield are met.

How to buy

You can purchase single or 10-pack AXIS Live Privacy Shield license codes for compatible Axis cameras from your Axis distributor. One license is required per camera. The license can be activated from the camera or online. For free trial licenses, please contact the local Axis office.

Download software

The latest version of this software is 1.2.1
Release notes


For free trial licenses, please contact the local Axis office.


AXIS Live Privacy Shield requires compatible fixed cameras to have firmware 9.60 or higher. Axis recommends using the latest camera firmware to ensure support for all features of AXIS Live Privacy Shield. If your camera does not have the latest firmware, see how to upgrade your camera’s firmware. 


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