AXIS Digital Autotracking

Automatic tracking of moving objects

  • Automatic object detection and tracking
  • Axis False Alarm Filtering
  • Efficient live monitoring
  • Easy setup

Reliable autotracking for fixed megapixel cameras

AXIS Digital Autotracking is a free application that enables a fixed camera to automatically detect, digitally zoom in on and follow moving objects such as people or vehicles in its field of view. The application is especially suited to Axis fixed megapixel cameras for efficient video monitoring. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use in low-traffic areas such as parking lots or during after-business hours at schools, offices and stores.

Efficient surveillance

AXIS Digital Autotracking helps operators effectively discover and handle incidents. It will not lock onto a single moving object, but will adapt the view to include several moving objects so you don’t miss any incidents. It also reduces bandwidth and storage needs by zooming in on moving objects and discarding information in parts of the scene with no activity. When there is no movement in a scene, the application provides a scaled-down overview. The application works in most indoor and outdoor installations in variable lighting conditions.


You can install AXIS Digital Autotracking on fixed network cameras and video encoders with support for AXIS Camera Application Platform. The application has an intuitive interface with real-time visual configurations that provide an easy way to validate that the application detects objects correctly. The application allows you to define “include” detection areas as well as “exclude” areas where motion can be ignored. Axis False Alarm Filtering makes it possible to ignore disturbing motion from objects such as headlights, swaying trees and smaller animals.

The application integrates with the camera’s internal event management functions, so you can decide how you want the system to automatically respond to detected motion. Setting the camera to send and record video only on event triggers makes reviewing and searching for incidents easier, and reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. You can also program the camera to activate a loudspeaker or turn on lights to scare off intruders when motion is detected.

Download software

The latest version of this software is 2.1.1
Release notes

(Internet connection required during setup. The latest AXIS Media Control version is downloaded and installed automatically when configuring the application. Note that Axis video products with firmware 8.50 can only configure AXIS Digital Autotracking using Internet Explorer.)

Standalone installer

The latest version of this software is 2.1.1
Release notes

This software is for setup without internet connection. The installation package includes AXIS Digital Autotracking and the latest AXIS Media Control version.

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