AXIS Audio Spectrum Visualizer

Visual representation of audio

  • Free audio spectrum visualization
  • Easy detection of sound source
  • Sound environment alert


AXIS Audio Spectrum Visualizer is a free application to be used with any Video Management Software both in live view and in play-back. The application is installed on the camera and will display an audio spectrum as an overlay in the video stream. Each bar in the spectrum corresponds to a frequency band and the sound amplitude is highlighted by color coding.

User scenario

AXIS Audio Spectrum Visualizer helps the operator to  detect and determine audio activity when simultaneously monitoring multiples scenes. It also offers adaptive audio event detection providing the possibility to alert the operator in case of a significant change in the sound environment.


The application requires an Axis camera with one audio input with either internal or externally connected microphone.
Please note! The spectrum visualizer will consume camera processing power which may impact on performance if you run several video streams simultaneously

Download software

The latest version of this software is 2.0.1