AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP)

The open application platform creates unique possibilities to meet specific end user needs, by enabling download of third-party applications to Axis network cameras and encoders.

What is AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP)?


AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) is an open application platform that enables you to develop applications that can be downloaded and installed on Axis network products. Despite its name, it is available on various type of Axis products, and not only on our cameras.

ACAP makes it possible to develop applications for a wide range of purposes:

  • Security that improves surveillance systems and facilitate investigation.

  • Business intelligence applications that improve business efficiency.

  • Product feature plug-ins that add value beyond the Axis product's core functionality

What are the benefits?

By running your application at the edge, i.e. in the Axis product, you can improve system efficiency and scalability:

  • Reduced storage and network consumption – both can be reduced dramatically.
  • Reduced system costs and complexity – you don’t need separate servers for processing video, you can fully leverage the processing power of the camera.
  • Design truly scalable deployments – less bandwidth traffic, less storage needs, and less servers makes it easy to scale up the system with more cameras and more ACAP applications.
  • Simplified deployment and tuning of client projects – provide a unique customized solution by combining right cameras, right ACAP application(s) with easier integration into VMS's.

Interested in developing software for integration with Axis products and technologies?

Future proof investment


Axis has a long term roadmap for the ACAP platform development, focusing on ease of integration, deployment and distribution. The roadmap is supported by continuous development of more powerful hardware which enables development of new applications.

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Application gallery

In the application gallery, you´ll find ACAP applications developed by Axis partners. These applications are ready to be embedded directly in Axis products.

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