Small town feel with world-class security from Axis

The Town of Billerica relies on Axis network cameras to keep residents safe and happy in the suburbs

“The cameras definitely give us a good image, and I like the ease of deployment. One thing I do appreciate a lot is the licensing model, where once I buy licenses I don’t need to go renewing support contracts every year. If a camera is six years old, I can still call in and get help. [Axis is] probably one of the best vendors I’ve dealt with as far as support and access to support.” Greg Katz, Lieutenant and Accreditation & Technology Manager, Billerica Police Department.


As a small municipality in the shadow of a big city, the Town of Billerica shares the same concerns as cities of any size would recognize: a need to keep its resident and visitors safe and in a welcoming environment. Even without major incidents, the Billerica Police Department (BPD) needed an upgrade to its analog camera system to register a better picture in case of incident. The need for cameras was twofold: to act as a deterrent and to serve as a reactive tool in order to solve crimes.


Growing its system year over year, the BPD has now deployed cameras to a variety of locations; a successful solution that utilizes the town’s fiber network to connect all of the streams back to the BPD. The library, Town Hall and recreation areas are just a few of the spaces that now have coverage by Axis network cameras, helping officers to keep the peace and decrease response times to any incidents should they occur.


The BPD has seen many positive developments along the way. For example, officers caught a troublemaker in the town’s skate park that would never have been recognizable with the analog system. The Lightfinder capability on many of the town’s cameras has allowed the BPD to use footage at night when incidents tend to occur with more frequency, but with no need to add external and visible lighting. Plans for the future include outfitting the Police Station with new Axis cameras, as well as expanding the physical access control system.

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