Axis cameras monitor safety on Croatian and Bosnian trains

Railways in Croatia and Bosnia are under the watchful gaze of Axis network cameras

“The Axis cameras are robust and provide high quality and the stable video stream we needed. They also outmatch traditional analog solutions in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, scalability, connectivity and, last but not least, easy maintenance.” Engineer from technical department of KONČAR - Electrical Vehicles, Inc.


Increasing safety of train commuting, improving indoor and outdoor surveillance technology and keeping up with public transport security trends – these were the reasons why KONČAR, a producer of railway vehicles from Croatia, decided to invest in new video surveillance system for their trains. However, running a surveillance system onboard a train has specific requirements and challenges, such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), length of the vehicle and securing connection between coaches. With analogue solutions unable to fulfill the tasks with the desired quality, a system based on IP cameras was chosen.


In cooperation with Croatian Axis partner, Elektrokem, KONČAR decided to install a system based on Axis IP cameras both inside and outside their trains. While indoor cameras have a traditional surveillance role and they monitor passenger safety in the vehicle, the cameras installed outside the train have two functions: they serve as a rear mirror for the driver and monitor the situation on the track in front of the train and behind it.


At the moment, there are three types of Axis network cameras used in the project. AXIS P1355 and AXIS P1365 Mk II Network Cameras monitor the situation outside the vehicle and also serve as rearview device for the driver. Inside each coach, there are two indoor cameras for monitoring passengers. Both AXIS 209MFD-R and AXIS P3905-R M12 are used for this task. The new system provides more comfort for the passengers and also for the train driver, who is now able to better evaluate the situation inside and outside the train.

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