Axis keeps an eye on vegetables: video surveillance bears fruit

Axis IP cameras enhance communication and security system designed for greenhouse complex

“It was our intention to choose Axis for the integrated security system at our site, since we had no doubt that they offer the best solution than any other manufacturers of IP cameras – and we were right. With the clear high-quality image, continuous fail-safe operation and complete integration of Axis cameras with the video management system, we improved operational discipline, started to efficiently investigate incidents and significantly reduced product loss. And above all, we managed to use the minimum number of cameras for such a large-scale project and therefore optimize capital costs in the project.” Oleg Vlasov, SB Agro-Invest.


Agro-Invest is currently the largest greenhouse complex in Russia, growing vegetables for wholesale dealers and leading regional retailers. The greenhouses built from 2013 to 2017 cover an area of 68.5 hectares. The company uses the most advanced agricultural technologies and successfully expands its business. In the near future, it plans to double in size. Therefore, the integrated approach to security involving the video surveillance system is also a part of the corporate standard.


ST Solution, the system integrator, developed and implemented the integrated communication and security system based on a single structured cabling system (SCS) using IP-protocol covering the greenhouse complex. There are slightly over 300 Axis IP cameras (the optimal number for the huge area of the complex) to monitor the site perimeter, processing areas, final product packing and shipment areas as well as to observe working discipline and construction of new facilities.


According to Agro-Invest employees, the lost product rate at the greenhouse complex reduced after introducing the security system. It became much easier to fight theft and other incidents, detect those responsible and, consequently, to improve labor discipline. Network cameras are used to monitor the process, packing and shipment areas as well as to observe construction of new facilities.

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