Axis cameras help create a transparent and safer city

Instant and tangible results with unified network camera system in the city of Jihlava

“Unifying the IP-based camera system ensured a higher level of security in the city and prepared the ground for future development. Axis cameras served as a solid foundation for this purpose.” Bc. Stanislav Maštera, the deputy director of the Municipal Police in Jihlava.


Following the successful experience with the first network camera installed in a playground, the city of Jihlava decided to complete the transition to a modern IP-based video surveillance system. This mission has brought new challenges and new opportunities: simplifying the use of the system, ensuring seamless compatibility of the cameras within a single video management software (VMS) and applicability of images taken in dim light conditions, as well as ensuring the possibility of data compression while maintaining image quality.


The winning tender for the supply of a single city camera system, announced by the IT Department in cooperation with city police in 2012, was a design solution using Ateas Security VMS software and Axis IP cameras meeting the above requirements. The most widely represented model in Jihlava’s system is the AXIS Q6034 Network Camera, which in addition to the Ateas Security native support and H.264 codec, delivered superior light characteristics.


The transition to a modern IP camera system has several benefits. One of them was a significant simplification of the overall system administration. Installing new camera points, data transmission, storage and sharing of videos is now much easier. AXIS Q6034 provide high resolution and the ability to operate in extreme lighting conditions. Many criminal cases and law violations have already been solved thanks to the surveillance system. Other frequently used features of the cameras include a private masking software function that makes it possible to meet the strict personal data protection requirements.

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