AXIS Site Designer

Faster from draft to done

  • Design any surveillance system - small or large - with VMS and products from Axis or partners
  • Plan camera placement and coverage easily with the new maps-feature
  • Generate a quotation and change items in your bill of materials in minutes
  • Import camera and recording settings into your VMS and share notes with installers in seconds

Multiply your design potential

AXIS Site Designer is an empowering leap forward in the design of surveillance systems. This intuitive tool simplifies and streamlines your design and quotation workflow, making projects faster and easier to create, revise or implement. It lets you efficiently manage any project—whether you need to create a system with thousands of Axis devices connected to it or just a few.

Any project, anytime, anywhere

AXIS Site Designer is a free web application on that shortens and simplifies going from a design draft to project completion. Accessed from your tablet or PC with no additional software, it works both on- and offline, saving your work in your browser. So you can use it at your customer’s site or anywhere you are.

AXIS Site Designer suits designing surveillance systems featuring AXIS end-to-end products as well as those from selected third party VMS partners. It makes it easy to design, install and verify systems using AXIS Camera Station. You not only design and install your system. You get useful installation documentation as well as possibility to export all configurations to AXIS Camera Station to eliminate installation mistakes. As important, you can also use it for larger systems featuring VMS products from vendors such as Genetec and Milestone.

Multiply your time savings from start to finish

With AXIS Site Designer, you can easily create the right system to fit the exact operational requirements and needs of a client. The new intuitive maps-feature in AXIS Site Designer allows you to add floorplans or maps of the target site in the tool, so you can place cameras and devices and view the coverage they will provide. This means all requirements are met, including eliminating any issues such as blind spots, before implementation. The tool will help you find the ideal AXIS cameras and other devices for each situation, showing its performance and helping you decide its placement. Next, the application removes guesswork by showing the mounts and accessories that match the camera and its placement. It also helps determine system storage and bandwidth requirements and the right recording solution using algorithms based on Axis’ extensive analysis of surveillance video and measurements made to determine the performance of different camera models.

With AXIS Site Designer you can keep a library of your designs. You can manage multiple projects online and off, efficiently revising your selections and specifications. Adapt and reuse a project, making only the changes you need. And you can create or update professional quotations in minutes, right from within the application. Simply put, AXIS Site Designer helps you work faster and win more bids.

Generate a complete bill of materials in minutes

You can automatically generate a full bill of materials from AXIS Site Designer. And let you share your site notes and advice with installers, making it faster and easier for them to get it right. For end-to-end systems with AXIS Camera Station, AXIS Site Designer can even distribute the camera settings automatically – so you can quickly get the system up and running.

Using AXIS Site Designer makes it extremely fast and easy to create and change design recommendations. The result is an exponential increase – not only in your potential to design and sell, but in time and money saved from delivery to installation and setup.