The camera system at the Mochovce nuclear power plant provides safety and security

Axis cameras help secure the facility and supervise its production

(Source: Slovenské elektrárne) “The replacement of analog cameras with digital ones represents a huge leap in quality and capabilities. The new cameras feature more detailed functions and allow better identification. We appreciate the high reliability of the Axis brand, which is extremely important to us. If we have a solution that will work reliably for several years, it is, in the long run, cheaper than a seemingly inexpensive solution that we need to service constantly.” Dušan Stožek, Technical Manager, DeZ spol. s r.o.


In the south of Slovakia, between Nitra and Levice, there are the four units of the Mochovce nuclear power plant with VVER 440 / V-213 water-pressure reactors. The first unit has been supplying electric power since summer 1998 and the second one since the end of 1999. The building process of the third and fourth units is almost completed.


The facility protection rules are defined by law since it is a nuclear facility. The cameras are irreplaceable, because the whole facility features intense movement of people, technology, and material, due to ongoing construction. They are usually installed so that they are clearly visible and play a preventative role. In critical areas featuring, for example, increased radioactivity, special cameras designed for extreme environments are used. They are all monitored by cameras as well. Currently, Axis IP cameras from P and Q series are mostly used in the facility. The Axis brand has been selected on the basis of good experiences, reliability, and simple integration into the VMS used.


Gradual digitization and “automatic” operation represent significant financial savings. Even a smaller number of workers can do more work and have better control over multiple processes, which will also help the planned active use of video analytics in the near future. The economic benefits are obvious; however, this solution also has a big impact on higher security, as it can more easily detect possible risks and respond to incentives to avoid issues.

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