Unifying physical security creates a safer campus

Binghamton University expands its proactive security footprint with Axis network cameras, 2N intercoms and integrated network audio hardware and software solutions

“Working closely with Axis Communications has helped us expand our security footprint while providing our police officers, students and staff with tightly integrated solutions that ensure everyone feels safer on our campus.” David Martin, Assistant Director of Security Infrastructure and Support.


Binghamton University, State University of New York, has grown significantly over the years to comprise roughly 120 buildings, with more in the planning stage. The Security Infrastructure and Support Department was tasked with finding a more advanced and feature-rich security solution – one that could unify the various security subsystems under one management umbrella and help university police respond to critical incidents as they occur.


The university embarked on a multi-phase project to entirely revamp campus security. The first step was to install a Genetec™ Security Center that would unify control of the school’s multiple security solutions; video management, access control, license plate readers and blue-light phones into one central location. They began by systematically replacing broken and obsolete analog cameras with more than 1500 Axis network cameras. They also installed Axis network cabinet, ceiling, and horn speakers throughout the campus using Axis network audio bridges and audio management software. The speakers were then integrated with the existing Alertus emergency mass communication system. Work is currently underway to replace the campus-wide emergency call boxes with 2N video IP intercoms.


In many locations, the school has been able to replace multiple legacy cameras with a single Axis one that is able to monitor several directions simultaneously and provide extremely wide fields of view and exceptional night vision. The image clarity of Axis cameras has been instrumental in helping university police quickly resolve incidents like theft, vandalism and harassment. With cameras monitoring roads leading onto campus, local law enforcement has occasionally relied on the university’s video to help them identify witnesses and apprehend suspects. Integrating Axis network speakers and audio management software with the emergency notification system, gives the university the flexibility to broadcast announcements and alerts campus-wide or target specific zones.

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