Kuruma Sport updates its audio system with an IP solution from Axis

A smart, flexible and scalable solution

“The new Axis audio solution has saved us between 80% and 90% in costs. Not just in background music licenses but also in leveraging our intranet.” Diego Bernárdez, General Deputy Manager at Kuruma Sport.


Backed by over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Kuruma Sport is one of the leading car dealers and garages for the Toyota brand in Madrid and, through the Lexus Madrid brand, which is also the Lexus division of Toyota España. The company sought to improve the audio service at its 9 centers, migrating from an analog solution to a centralized digital one while protecting initial investment.


Kuruma Sport installed AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge (4 units), which leverages the existing installation and, together with new smart AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speakers (26 units in total) and 12 AXIS C1004-E, have enabled Kuruma to set up a background music system that plays the music playlists the company wants in its spaces, as well as in-store announcements, and all through the company’s own data network. In each center, music is received via the audio bridge and is sent to the various different existing speakers and is played through all the speakers or through specific ones, at the appropriate volume at all times.


Kuruma Sport and Lexus Madrid are delighted with the new Axis network audio system, as it provides dealers with a solution with several different uses, ranging from background music to alarms, pre-recorded messages or live messages, while helping to improve security on the premises thanks to built-in microphones in the speakers that allow adjustments to volume and, in connection with Axis cameras, can transmit messages when movement is detected in a specific area. Axis audio solution is simple to manage and control from the company’s central services. Its flexibility creates a homogenous audio experience at all dealers and garages, helping to enhance brand image and customer experience.

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