School makes security a priority with an A+ solution

Washington Community High School saves hours of searching through video and diminishes false alarms with a full Axis surveillance system

“From day one of the installation, it was night and day compared to our previous system as far as the quality and control capabilities. I knew right then that we had made the right decision.” Ron Ehlers, Network Administrator, Washington Community High School.


Located in Washington, Illinois, Washington Community High School (WCHS) makes up the entirety of Central Illinois School District 308. As the school has grown, its security needs have also expanded to the point where its existing surveillance system was no longer adequate to address problems at the school. The system was difficult to use and generated a large number of false alarms, among other issues. The outdated, cobbled together analog cameras from multiple manufacturers left gaps in coverage, opening WCHS to potential liability. After performing a security audit, the school decided to upgrade to an IP video system using equipment from a single manufacturer that would deliver improved quality, coverage and ease of use.


Partnering with The Kern Group of Peoria, WCHS opted for a video system from Axis Communications. From the 72 total cameras installed on the interior and exterior of the school and two network video recorders to ancillary products such as IR illuminators and surge protectors, the system is a 100 percent Axis solution, allowing the school to take advantage of the benefits of using a single provider from end to end. The cameras were deployed in and around the expanding school campus, with video recording 24/7.


In terms of quality and ease of use, the Axis solution has offered immediate benefits. Rather than spending an hour reviewing analog video to find five minutes’ worth of relevant footage, the school’s security officer can quickly find incidents on video and see exactly what happened, allowing him to address them immediately. The new system is also incredibly user-friendly, allowing new users to get up to speed quickly.

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