The streets of Łódź are safer with Axis cameras

Axis devices are used for video surveillance of the city’s main roads and the high street

“All development activities, facilities improvement and broadly understood upgrade serve the development of our city as a place friendly to life and work.” Łódź Mayor Hanna Zdanowska.


The project’s first stage main objective was to ensure safety, detection and quick reaction to threats and incidents in the high street of the city. The effect was good enough that the citizens themselves decided to continue and they applied to broaden the system. The video surveillance system in Łódź is still under development and it has recently been integrated with a traffic management system (ITS). The next stage of the project will see the area under video surveillance significantly increased.


The main problem to cope with for the system’s developer, and then for the contractor, was to find an appropriate location for the cameras taking into consideration their viewing range. The cameras were to be mounted on old historical buildings, mainly under protection. At the same time, the maintenance access to the devices had to be ensured. The cameras used in the system had to have low-light sensitivity (for low light at night and Christmas illuminations) and be high performance devices (video analysis based on camera processes). More than 74 PTZ and 279 fixed cameras were used.


353 cameras of the city surveillance system have been connected to the ITS traffic management system. At present, video from 444 cameras of both systems is transmitted to monitoring centers and stations and made available to municipal services as well as to the State and Municipal Police. Soon, video will be transmitted to the Fire Service. Each end user, in order to select threats in the city space, pays attention to different image characteristics. The users have appreciated the camera image quality and the reliability of the system and equipment. 99% of the system consists of Axis network cameras.

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