Checking in to the network with Axis

Hyatt Hotels revamps its security measures using IP cameras and accessories

“We see great success with the Axis deployments at the Hyatt properties. While guest and staff safety and security will always be a primary concern, we envision expanding the use of camera imagery well beyond security. These systems will very likely become comprehensive Business Intelligence Platforms.” Mark Sanna, Corporate VP and Head of Global Security, Hyatt Hotels.


Needing to transition its 675-plus properties worldwide onto network video systems, Hyatt Hotels sought out a solution that could be replicated across its 12 unique hotel brands that vary in size and surveillance needs. The company needed a solution that remained discreet as to not distract from the welcoming environment at their properties but also one that could serve as protection to guests and hotel staff alike.


Joining forces with Axis and Milestone, Hyatt defined guidelines for each of its properties to enhance their video standards. Hyatt outlined a cohesive mix of fixed and panoramic cameras that could be brought onto a powerful video management system along with further technologies such as access control and audio equipment.


The instant results from a move to IP video were major boosts in video quality and flexibility in viewing footage from multiple access points. Hotels saw an immediate benefit with simplified distribution of video clips as necessary and ease of configuring cameras remotely. Hyatt has found the equipment to work at a high level consistently in all of the applications in which it has been involved.

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