Camera system at the Spartak Myjava Stadium

Sports stadium IP cameras protect and even entertain visitors

“Today, the installed cameras not only support security, they entertain visitors as well. The cameras are connected to a large screen through a video cutting room. In the case of problem-free visitors, the PTZ cameras do not monitor them. Instead, they follow the game, generating video data for replayed views displayed on a large screen.” Peter Marek of MMS servis s.r.o.


Myjava features a large sports center with a playing field, which is used for the preparation of all the sportsmen in the region. As per the law, every first league stadium must operate a permanent specified camera system, which continuously monitors the individual visitor sections, stadium access gates and entrances, and all the public areas inside the stadium. A camera system had to be built at the stadium in accordance with the valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.


The IP camera choice was clear as the specified laws and regulations require the use of IP cameras with the emphasis on their future applications at sports facilities, especially at entrances (face biometrics, etc.). In accordance with the valid legislation, the investor’s initial specification required a system with its minimum resolution of 100 pixels per meter; however, to meet the minimum infrastructure requirements per the UEFA criteria, it was eventually changed to the minimum resolution of 180 pixels per meter.


The whole system is exclusively based on Axis IP cameras. The stadium features 32 installed units of these cameras. The client’s original goal was to “meet its legal obligation and secure its stadium premises”; however, it currently uses the camera system to “entertain” its visitors as well. The cameras are connected through a software video cutting room, and when they are not monitoring visitors, they generate video data for “replayed” views of the game displayed on a large screen. One camera also generates data for the club’s website. It features a live online stream based on the ACAP CamStreamer application of Netrex.

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