Creating a safe environment for healing & learning with smartphone monitoring 24/7

Healing Center Haemalgum, creates a healing space free from school violence with Axis cameras

“Due to the high-performance surveillance cameras of Axis, both teachers and students can feel secure and enjoy a safe life. We needed to create, not a simple surveillance system, but a safe education environment for the healing of school violence victims. The active support provided by Axis made it possible to realize the goal.” Yoon-chae Cho, operation support team leader, Haemalgum Center.


With ‘school violence’ becoming recognized as a serious social issue, many programs and countermeasures are being pursued to prevent it. Against this backdrop, the ‘Healing Center Haemalgum’ was opened in July 2013 at a former school facility. Co-founded by the Ministry of Education and the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education, it is Korea’s first and only center with boarding facilities that provide comprehensive and dedicated support for school violence victims and their parents including customized counseling, education and healing arts programs. To create a safe healing environment Haemalgum Center wanted to install surveillance cameras to allow staff to continuously monitor the facilities and take action immediately when necessary.


The quality of existing analog cameras was too low for positive identification of subjects displayed on the screens. Because of the limited budget, it was nearly impossible to purchase high-performance cameras capable of covering all the blind spots. After being informed of the center’s foundation goals and current challenges, Axis decided to donate high-quality surveillance cameras since they are deemed critical to maintaining a safe environment where victims of school violence can be healed and prepared to get back to normal life at home and school.


Haemalgum Center deployed different Axis network cameras in strategic places to create a safe environment where participants can safely focus on their healing. HDTV cameras were installed to ensure close monitoring throughout the center including the main building, student dormitory, residence facilities for teachers/staffs and a big playground. Cameras were installed as construction began on the center, which benefited the construction company since they needed to ensure the safety and security of their materials, equipment, and employees. In addition, AXIS Camera Companion was deployed to enable viewing the screens anytime and in any mode. The software also supports smartphone access so that even with limited resources, the safety of facilities, students, and teachers can be effectively monitored.

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