Axis ensures safety and security at the sports facility of Ichinomiya Seaside Otsuka Hotel in Japan

Safety and security are reinforced through the addition of Axis network cameras to the existing analog video surveillance system.

“The image quality is wonderfully clear. Thanks to the day and night functions in the networkcameras, a clear and vivid image can be seen, even at night.“Manager Hasegawa, of Ichimiya Seaside Otsuka Hotel.


Hotel Ichinomiya Seaside Otsuka is a resort facility situated amidst the natural environment of Kujiukuri, located in Chiba Prefecture of Japan. In addition to the lodging and restaurant, the facility is equipped with an indoor/ outdoor sports facility. Aquannex is a membership-based sports club that operates at the facility, offering various types of services as part of this comprehensive resort. At a sports club or similar facility, vigorous movement and exercise can lead to a sudden change in physical condition, and it is very likely that accidents or falls can occur. Because it is important to ensure the safety of operations within this type of facility, the hotel sought to improve their existing video surveillance system.


The first floor of the indoor sports facility of the Sports Club is the car parking area, the second floor consists of the gym studio, and on the third floor there is a 20-meter indoor pool. Instructors and lifeguards are on duty in each area, but management by the staff members is not sufficient to achieve perfect surveillance. Consequently, a video surveillance system has been incorporated. In the past, a system based on analog cameras was employed, but the time came when it had to be replaced due to aging and deterioration. An effort to design an even more powerful surveillance system was put forth, and the decision was made to change to an IP-based surveillance system using Axis network cameras. Currently, the AXIS 225FD Network Camera and 11 other Axis network cameras are installed. The images are monitored from the hotel’s office using AXIS Camera Station video management software.


Thanks to the incorporation of the new system, the facilities can be monitored instantly from the office. If an emergency situation should occur, it is now possible to take the appropriate measures immediately. Additionally, the video recording function allows the staff members to review stored images at a later time. However, the two emergency exits at the facility are situated in an isolated area that makes it very difficult to visually see the people entering and exiting the facility, so motion detection is used to send an audio alarm that signals the entrance and exit of people, further contributing to crime prevention. The staff members are very pleased with this new, effective system, particularly because it is easy to use.

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