Reducing the bit rate with Axis Zipstream

Reducing the bit rate with Axis Zipstream

Control and compatibility

Zipstream can be enabled and disabled in the camera’s web GUI. When enabled, there are six levels available for bitrate reduction, which define how aggressively the bitrate is reduced.

The reduction methods are configured separately and are independent of each other, although the savings in bitrate will increase even further when combining them. Furthermore, the Zipstream methods are applied in such a way that most of the camera’s other features will work as usual, even when these radical compression methods are applied.

Zipstream can also be used with PTZ cameras. When the camera is still, the same bitrate reduction algorithms as in any other camera are applied. When the camera moves or zooms, a dynamic bitrate controller automatically adjusts the video quality and reduces bandwidth peaks. As soon as the camera stops, the bitrate is restored.

Cameras with Zipstream technology are easy to integrate with VMS’s, as the bitrate reductions are already included in the H.264 stream. The Zipstream settings are also possible to control via VAPIX, the Axis Application Programming interface.

Zipstream is not intended as a replacement for H.265, but is instead a video coder enhancement and will work directly with existing H.264 and H.265-based equipment and software, simply by upgrading the camera’s firmware. 

Application areas