Compression: H.264 vs Zipstream

In this app, you can compare video compressed using standard H.264 with Axis Zipstream technology, a radically more efficient implementation of H.264. You can see how the bit rate varies depending on the Zipstream level set.
Use the buttons at the upper left to switch between day and night scenarios, and the buttons to the lower-right to change Zipstream levels.
For comparison, the average bitrate for each recordings is presented below:

  Average bitrate [kbit/s]
  H.264 Zipstream low Zipstream medium Zipstream high Zipstream extreme
Day 1931 1559 1256 1019 1095
Night 5398 1524 1539 896 876


These recordings had dynamic GOP (Group of Pictures) and dynamic FPS (Frames Per Second) enabled. Learn more about these in the web article Reducing the bitrate with Axis Zipstream.