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Network video technology

Compression: H.264 vs Zipstream

In this app, you can compare video compressed using standard H.264 with Axis Zipstream technology, a radically more efficient implementation of H.264. You can see how the bit rate varies depending on the Zipstream level set.
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Frame rate versus Shutter speed

This application allows you to change the frame rate and shutter speed of three sample videos. These two settings are important in understanding how they affect image quality.

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System design

Virtual light studio

A camera is only as good as the light available. In the Virtual Light Studio application above, you can see how different a scene do appear, depending on how much light there is, what type of light you're using and where you place your lighting.

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Pixel density

Pixel density is usually referred to as pixels per inch (PPI). The higher the PPI, the more detail you’ll find within the image. The Pixel Density application allows you to manipulate different parameters and learn how they affect pixel density.

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