Behind the scenes

In this experiment, advanced technology meets human creativity, resulting in camera footage that pushes the boundaries of traditional security camera technology.

This discrete modular camera, usually used in ATM's and on public transport, was now frozen inside the ice, offering a completely new angle of the action taking place above. 

Watch the experiment behind the scenes, and meet some of the engineers behind.

More camera angles

All eyes on the water

Innovative camera angles save lives on Australian beaches. Driven by their vision of zero preventable drownings, a non-profit emergency service, use Axis cameras as extra eyes, providing water safety on the front line and behind the scenes. 

Watch how cameras help saves lives by covering all angles of the beach.

Nemours Hospital in Orlando viewed from outside.

Boosting pediatric care

Through the eyes of the camera, medical staff see small changes in patients’ physiology. With a third level of monitoring, critical child care accelerates emergency response.

Aerial view of wildfire

Tracking wildfire outbreaks

With wildfires spreading at increasing intensity and speed, six states across the western United States use camera technology to track wildfire outbreaks, pinpoint ignition sites, and inform incident command decisions.

Tunnel entrances

Covers every curve

In a 57 kilometer long railway tunnel, Axis cameras aid lifesaving overview in case of emergency. Challenging weather conditions, high air pressure and trains thundering past at 200 km/h, requiring particularly durable cameras.

We are Axis

Axis has been around for almost 40 years. It all started with three pioneers setting out to change the way people think about digital devices. They ended up disrupting the market by transforming analog video surveillance into digital with the world’s first network camera.

Today our network solutions can be found across the globe to help keep you and your business safe and secure. They help to improve public safety in cities, to protect properties, to make roads safer and to support environmental monitoring - and so much more.

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