AXIS Video Motion Detection

Reliable motion detection and recording

  • Multiple include areas
  • High performance detection
  • Axis False Alarm Filtering
  • Quick installation and intuitive configuration

AXIS Video Motion Detection 4, a free video analytics application included on most* Axis network cameras and encoders adds intelligence to your video surveillance solution by sending alerts when it detects motion.  It also reduces storage and bandwidth as cameras only record when there is movement. Reliable indoors and out, under varying light conditions, AXIS Video Motion Detection 4 is particularly useful in low-traffic areas and for after-hours surveillance.

*all cameras running on 6.50 firmware

Detect movement in multiple areas

AXIS Video Motion Detection 4 triggers on moving objects, including people and vehicles, in predefined areas of your choice. You can set it up to trigger alarms when movement is detected in multiple predefined “include” areas.

Reduce false alarms

High performance detection reduces false alarms by analyzing and disregarding normal background motion. Axis False Alarm Filtering provides an additional layer of defense against false alarms by making it possible to ignore disturbing object motion such as headlights, swaying trees and smaller animals.

Installation that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Installing and setting up AXIS Video Motion Detection 4 is fast, simple and cost-effective. 

Earlier releases

For those products that don’t support AXIS Video Motion Detection 4, AXIS VMD 3 is still available. AXIS VMD 3 is based on the same reliable motion detection technology, but does not include multiple include areas.