Axis server report and crash report privacy statement

Last updated: 2017-06-28

Axis Communications is committed to protecting your privacy. This document describes what information needs to be collected in the event of a problem with your Axis product, how the information is used and stored, and who has access to the information.

What information needs to be sent to Axis?

Server report

If you having difficulty and request help from Axis Online Helpdesk, the most common source of information that is requested is the server report. This report includes information such as system information, user access, event log,  setting list, network configuration as well as a snapshot of the current picture. The setting list can contain user IDs but does not contain passwords.

Crash report

If additional information is needed to analyze a problem, Axis may request that you send a crash report. The crash report not only contains the same information available in the server report, it also contains detailed debug information. This report can include, for example, user IDs, passwords, video images, and network traffic received by your Axis product.

When is information sent to Axis?

No customer information of any kind is collected automatically by Axis Communications. When there is a problem and you request help from Axis Online Helpdesk, Axis will notify you if the server report or the crash report is needed to resolve the problem. You then have the option to send the requested report or no information at all to Axis. However, if Axis is not allowed to receive either the server report or the crash report, it may be impossible to diagnose a problem and provide the necessary help.

How is the information collected?

Server and crash reports are generated from Axis products and can then be viewed and saved to a hard drive. Axis can then request that you send these files for analysis via Axis Online Helpdesk.

Who has access to the information you send to Axis?

Only Axis employees and consultants involved in solving your request for help have access to the information you provide. If Axis cannot find a solution to the problem, Axis may contact an outside vendor for assistance. If your server or crash report needs to be sent to an outside vendor, Axis will not send any information without your prior knowledge and approval.

How is the information stored?

All customer information is stored on a secure server. Physical and electronic protection mechanisms are employed to secure access and to protect the data from unauthorized access.

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For more information

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