Stadiums & venues

Stadiums & venues

Visitor satisfaction guaranteed

Stadiums and venues present similar challenges to their owners. They gather large crowds of people over short periods of time. Yet, visitors expect high operational efficiency and a safe experience without any incidents.

Axis video solutions help you ensure visitor satisfaction by providing relevant information to authorized stakeholders so that they can make informed decisions when needed the most.

Never miss a move!
Network video protection for stadiums and venues

Clearer forensic evidence with high-resolution video at McCormick Place, Chicago

Smart security and efficiency solutions

You benefit from a future-proof and flexible surveillance solution that enables:

  • Access to high-definition live and recorded video from any authorized computer or mobile device
  • Seamless integration with your access control system, smoke & fire alarms and emergency buttons to enable quick verification and/or response
  • Automatic alerts for trespassing and perimeter breach
  • Efficient incident investigations through quick access to relevant video, and video quality that’s valid in court
  • Centralized monitoring for optimal crowd and traffic control

The key to success

Pituaçu Stadium becomes a model for the 2014 World Cup

Every event offers new challenges to your venue. Our leading network video solutions help you overcome them by offering:

  • Efficient monitoring of entrances, exits, ticket stands, escape routes, stairways and food & beverage stands
  • High-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras to provide situational overview with high-level of detail
  • Automatic camera tampering alarm to ensure continuous operation
  • Quick and easy access to recorded video
  • Vandal resistant cameras for cost-efficient operation and maintenance

Convention centers, indoor and outdoor stadiums and other venues around the world already rely on Axis video solutions – will yours be the next?

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