AXIS TC1601 Universal Mount

Versatile mount accessory for AXIS C1410

  • Pendant kit on a 3/4" ceiling pendant mount

  • Conduit back for connection to 1/2" or M20 pipes

  • Use together with junction box

  • Integrating a female tripod thread

  • Flexible mounting directions for optimal use with PIR sensor

Versatile accessory to be used with AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker. It can be used as either a pendant kit with 3/4" (M25) conduit interface, conduit back box with 1/2" (M20) conduit side entry, or with standard stands or holders using the integrated female (M6) tripod thread.

Use cases

For use as a pendant kit
Pendant kit to enable use of Axis mounting products featuring 3/4" pipes.

For use as a conduit back box
Conduit back box for 1/2" or M20 pipes. Features the 1/2" ACI interface to enable use of ACI adapters.

For use with junction box
AXIS TC1601 is compatible with a range of junction boxes, such as single and double gang and square and octagon junction.

For use with other stands and holders
AXIS TC1610 Universal Mount comes with an integrated female tripod thread for use of standard Axis stands or holders.

Flexible mounting directions
Rotate AXIS TC1601 to get the PIR sensor in optimal placement.


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