Labor-saving and contract-free applications at Daimaru Matsuzakaya department stores with Axis end user solutions

Panoramic cameras that leave no blind spots and a management system with superior operability offer improved safety and reduced labor inputs

“Until now, camera footage was something that was used by security guards. Thanks to the intuitive nature of the controls in this system, facility administrators learned how to use it naturally and also utilize it for inspections and for confirming locations that need repair. We will continue to explore ways to use it more efficiently going forward, such as remote operation.” Tatsuo Kimura, Facilities Manager, Business Promotion Department, Daimaru Sapporo Store.


The Daimaru Sapporo store is a symbol of Sapporo itself, but the issue of minimizing blind spots in its space had become a problem. Approximately 180 PTZ cameras had already been installed, but these were only able to provide coverage of specific locations. This left many areas that could not be monitored, not only within the store but also in areas such as the parking lot and the escalators. When the time came to replace these units, a proposal was submitted by Axis partners Chukei, Inc., and Toshiba LE Solution Corporation. The result was a renewal of the system from a fresh, camera-centric perspective. In addition, the site included three restaurants using charcoal as fuel. The client requested an efficient means of preventing fire after the restaurants closed each day.


The new system consists of a total of 270 network cameras, including AXIS M3057-PLVE panoramic models. This solution achieves approximately four times the visual coverage of the previous system, and leaves no blind spots. In the area around the escalators, there had been particular concern about emergency stops. The existing PTZ cameras were replaced with panoramic cameras installed to monitor the top and bottom of the escalator respectively, permitting the entire slope to be covered. AXIS Camera Station was deployed to ensure a smooth operating experience for the system as a whole. For the restaurants that used charcoal, a system consisting of two AXIS Q2901-E Temperature Alarm Cameras was set up. These raise the alarm if a temperature that exceeds the setpoint is detected.


The system fulfilled Daimaru’s most important request, namely the minimization of blind spots. It not only monitors but also protects the safety of customers. It is in the parking lot that the range of coverage has been most enhanced as a result of the introduction of panoramic cameras. In addition, the installation of the temperature alarm cameras has enabled the early recognition of cases where heat sources in the kitchens have not been properly dealt with, and the raising of alerts to the crime prevention center. Going forward, the system is expected to be extended for labor-saving, unmanned, and contact-free applications.

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