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CEO and management team

Axis Group Management consists of ten members, and is led by the President and CEO, Ray Mauritsson (born 1962). Mauritsson holds a Master of Science, Engineering physics from Lund University, and an Executive MBA from the Institute of Economics, at Lund University. He joined Axis in 1995, and took over as President and CEO in 2003. Prior to this, Mauritsson held leading positions at TAC (now Schneider Electric). He a director of HMS Industrial Networks but has no other significant assignments outside of Axis. Neither Ray Mauritsson, nor any of his close relations, have any substantial shareholding or partnership in companies that Axis has significant business relations with.

The President and CEO manages the day-to-day work, and is responsible for keeping the board informed of the performance of the operations, and for ensuring that they are being conducted in accordance with the board’s guidelines and instructions. The President keeps the board and the chairman continually informed of the company’s and the group’s financial position and performance. The group management team held eleven formal meetings and a large number of informal meetings during the year, two of which were extended strategy meetings. The two extended strategy meetings regarded inter alia; the long-term innovation and growth agenda, core values and their development, organization and employee development and efficient processes.

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